About Us

Launched in 2015, Sexy Like A Book is a Martha Juah Educational Foundation initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy and education.

With 61 million girls out of school globally, the need to create educational programs, opportunities, and spaces that engage and support girls along their educational journey is more critical now than ever.

Sexy Like A Book helps in combating the high rate of illiteracy in Liberia, by cultivating a culture of reading that transcends the classrooms, and motivates girls to be intelligent, poised, creative and assertive visionaries, who contribute to their communities and the world.

Since its founding, we’ve gone on to launch the Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls, to encourage young girls to write and tell their stories their way. The winners and finalists of the competition receive mentorship, publication in our annual Sexy Like A Book anthology, and are awarded academic prizes. They will each serve as contributors to the writing column of our newly launched Sexy Like A Book website.

We’ve published Sexy Like A Book, Book One – Enchanting Voices, an anthology of poems written by the winners and finalists of the 1st Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls, courtesy of Village Tales Publishing. We intend to publish one anthology from this competition every year, for as long as the competition exists.

We’ve also hosted our 1st Annual Books, Cupcakes & Conversations event, Martha Juah Educational Foundation’s premier literary event, celebrating progress in the literary and educational sectors of Liberia, while highlighting challenges, and discussing the way forward. We’ve held our Mentorship Meet-ups and Young Writers’ Workshop, and also launched an online World Book Day campaign, aimed at igniting a passion for reading and storytelling amongst young Liberian girls and women.

Our ongoing projects include; the Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls, Sexy Like A Book’s Enchanting Voices Anthology, Books, Cupcakes & Conversations, Sexy Like A Book’s Mentorship Meet-Ups and Sexy Like A Book’s Young Writers’ Workshop; with several others to launch later this year.

Bringing young girls under our wings and sharing our path and experiences with them, is a wonderful blessing. We encourage you to join us to inspire them to dream big and strive to achieve the unimaginable, in spite of societal and cultural limitations.