Annual Poetry Competition

SLAB Poetry Competition for Liberian Girls: An annual poetry competition for Liberian girls between the ages of 12-21, to inspire them to write and tell their stories their way. The winners and finalists of the competition receive mentorship, publication in our annual Sexy Like A Book anthology, and are awarded academic prizes. They will each serve as contributors to the writing column of our newly launched Sexy Like A Book website.

 Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition – Winners and Finalists 2017/2018

Martha Juah Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the winners and finalists of its 2nd Annual Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition, after a competitive process.

The winners and finalists will receive scholarships, mentorship, academic prizes and a publication in our 2nd Sexy Like A Book anthology. They will each participate in a series of workshops intended to enhance and polish their writing skills.

Launched in 2016, the Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition provides a platform for girls to write and tell their stories their way while amplifying their voices as young upcoming writers. It also works to ignite a passion for reading and storytelling among young girls and women.

The successful candidates are as follows:
1st Place – Diamond Tealee Brown
2nd Place – Janet C. Kwenah
3rd Place – Dixie M. Seboe


  • Beaulah Nimene
  • Maureen J. Davies
  • Hannah-Joy Candy
Judges Spotlight - 2017/2018 Sexy Like A Book Poetry Competition

 Yeatoe Gloria McIntosh is the founder of Cammepa Productions. She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Statistics, and a Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Epidemiology from Virginia Commonwealth University. A native and civil war survivor of Liberia, West Africa, Yeatoe’s purpose of venturing into public health is to work in Africa and other developing countries on human development problems linking to the wellbeing of the population as a whole. While in college, her passion to promote the African culture, address myths, and encourage unity led her to rebrand and revive the African Student Union organization at Virginia Commonwealth University. This led to a new found passion in the African Creative Sector. She launched Cammepa Productions to continue marketing Africa and its talents after college.

You may follow Yeatoe at:

 Manseen Logan is a writer and editor, who enjoys crafting cultural essays and prose. Her topics range from Liberia to business and everything in between. She works with Village Tales Publishing and received her MFA in writing from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA.

 Bai Best is a media manager with over 15 years of combined experience in public relations, journalism and newspaper management. He currently serves as managing director of the Daily Observer newspaper, Liberia’s oldest independent daily. Mr. Best is one of the first two Liberians who participated in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI, now known as Mandela Washington Fellowship), established in 2010 by former US President Barack Obama.

Best is enthused by technology, the arts and the journeys of ordinary Liberians, especially the youth, from mere resourcefulness to creativity and innovation.

 As publisher at Village Tales Publishing, Ophelia S. Lewis has been working with seasoned, as well as aspiring writers for over seventeen years providing publishing opportunities. Her extensive background in self-publishing has given her a broad base from which to approach the publishing industry. Lewis has written books in several genres; including children’s book, fiction, non-fiction, game book, reference, educational workbook, and poetry.

She is a member of the Liberia Literary Society organization, which supports educational opportunities, girls’ education and preserves Liberia/Liberian literary works. She especially enjoys mentoring young African/Liberian writers in bringing their work into print. You may learn more about her services at, and